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How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

Well done video by Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates

Anne Korin on Energy Independence

Visualizing Obama’s $100B Budget Cut


The Inconvenient Truth about Active Investing

An interesting whitepaper talking about Active vs Passive Investing: Link

Who is paying taxes?

Did you know that only about 50% of the U.S. population will owe any taxes in 2009? Great chart looking at who is paying taxes in 2009. Link

Obamaman Can!

Great, funny videos!

2009 Federal Revenue and Spending Book of Charts

Very interesting series of charts and graphs giving a graphical picture of our current and future economic situation within the U.S. The link below is for downloading these series of charts:

Link (This download is about 10MB – large, but the charts are worth it)

Here are a couple of examples:

Federal Spending Grew

Federal Spending Increases

True unemployment rate already at 20%


Home Values History – 1890 – 2009

History of Home Values - 1890 - 2009

History of Home Values - 1890 - 2009

Mountains of Debt: America’s Economic Realities

(Good, easy-to-read overview of our current economic situation)

by Charles Wheelan, Ph.D.

Ben Franklin supposedly said that it’s better to skip supper and go to bed hungry than it is to wake up in debt. Ben would be quite disappointed in us. We Americans didn’t skip dinner; instead, we opted over the past decade to gorge at the buffet and then charge it.

We woke up as the world’s largest debtor — so deeply in debt that our global creditors are getting nervous, and rightfully so.

Here are some economic realities associated with our deepening fiscal hole. Continue reading →

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