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Sheep Thief or Saint?

“I once heard a story about two brothers who lived in a small town in the country. The story goes that both of these brothers were caught stealing sheep. For their punishment they were branded on the forehead with the letters “ST,” for “Sheep Thief.”

“One brother was so ashamed that he left the community. Everywhere he went he had to constantly explain the letters on his forehead. He remained bitter about the whole thing and always felt he had been treated unfairly. He eventually died a lonely man and was buried in an unknown grave.”

“His brother, on the other hand, stayed in the community and tried to win back his neighbors’ trust. He did everything he could to show the people of the town that he was a changed man. He volunteered for community service projects, helped his neighbors when he saw the need, and did all he could to become the kind of man that he knew he ought to be.”

“Many years later a visitor came to town. He asked a local resident about the strange letters on the old man’s forehead. The resident replied that he had forgotten exactly why the letters were there, but that he thought “ST” most likely was an abbreviation for the word “Saint.”

“Like the brothers in this story, each of us makes mistakes in our lives – sometimes big ones and sometimes little ones. And like the brothers in this story we can choose what we do about the mistakes we make. We are the ones that decide how our mistakes are going to affect us.”

“May each of us choose the good path and become the person we know we ought to be so that perhaps someday we may be known as a “Saint” and not a “Sheep Thief.”

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Unspoken Rules Everyone Should Live By

Most of these can be attributed to –

Here’s the list of top unwritten rules in life everyone should know. If we all followed these rules, life would be a whole lot easier.

RULE #1 – When you borrow someone’s car, return it with a full tank of gas, or at least fill it up more than what you got it as a way to saying thank you.

RULE #2 – When someone shows you a picture on their phone, don’t swipe left or right . . . you don’t want to see something embarrassing.

RULE #3 – Don’t break up with someone over text message, email or using a social networking site.

RULE #4 – Always leave at least one buffer urinal between you and the sir next you.

RULE #5 – Be quiet when other people are asleep. That means more than not talking — not slamming doors, drawers, etc.

RULE #6 – If you ask your friends for help with some house work, feed them as payment.

RULE #7 – Chew with your mouth closed. No one needs to hear you crunching.

RULE #8 – Don’t let your arguments escalate in public. If you feel you can’t control your language or volume then go somewhere else where to continue where other people won’t feel uncomfortable.

RULE #9 – Always leave the last piece of something to the person who bought it, unless they really insist they won’t eat it.

RULE #10 – In case you miss a call, drop a message as soon as possible if you’re unable to call them.

RULE #11 – When you borrow money from a friend, pay them back as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter the amount, don’t assume they don’t need it, never make them ask you for it.

RULE #12 – If you stay the night at someone’s house,  either make the bed or remove the sheets, regardless if they plan to wash the blankets or not.

RULE #13 – When someone else cooks for you, offer to help with the dishes.

RULE #14 – If someone gives you space, or the right of way on the road, wave to them as a sign of thank you.

RULE #15 – Don’t make plans with friends, or talk about plans with friends, in front of people who weren’t invited.

RULE #16 – Don’t stop in the middle of a busy sidewalk or the entrance of a subway station

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