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Vizualizing the World’s Population in 3D

Tour of the Moon in 4K

How Whales Change Climate

How Wolves Change Rivers

Deaf Singer Earns Simon’s Golden Buzzer – America’s Got Talent 2017

Laniakea: Our home supercluster

Superclusters – regions of space that are densely packed with galaxies – are the biggest structures in the Universe. But scientists have struggled to define exactly where one supercluster ends and another begins. Now, a team based in Hawaii has come up with a new technique that maps the Universe according to the flow of galaxies across space. Redrawing the boundaries of the cosmic map, they redefine our home supercluster and name it Laniakea, which means ‘immeasurable heaven’ in Hawaiian.


Flight of the Blackbird: The how, what and why of the incredible SR-71

Age of Aerospace

This is a multi-episode documentary looking at the history of aerospace. Boeing collaborated with the Discovery Channel on it. Very well done.

Caught for the first time: the early flash of an exploding star

Classical Music Mashup

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