Mountains of Debt: America’s Economic Realities

(Good, easy-to-read overview of our current economic situation)

by Charles Wheelan, Ph.D.

Ben Franklin supposedly said that it’s better to skip supper and go to bed hungry than it is to wake up in debt. Ben would be quite disappointed in us. We Americans didn’t skip dinner; instead, we opted over the past decade to gorge at the buffet and then charge it.

We woke up as the world’s largest debtor — so deeply in debt that our global creditors are getting nervous, and rightfully so.

Here are some economic realities associated with our deepening fiscal hole. Continue reading “Mountains of Debt: America’s Economic Realities”

U.S. Govt owes $63 Trillion in debt

This is for committed obligations that we don’t have the wherewithal to pay for right now.

Each U.S.  household currently has a $550,000 in debt obligations.

How much is a Trillion dollars? Here’s what $700 Billion looks like.

Want to understand why it’s this much? Watch this: Link

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