Christmas Stories – 25 Days of Christmas – Dec. 9

Christmas Day in the Morning

Pearl S. Buck

He woke up suddenly and completely!  It was four o’clock, the hour at which his father had always called him to get up and help with the milking.  Strange how the habits of his youth clung to him still!  Fifty years ago, and his father had been dead for thirty years, and yet he waked at four o’clock in the morning.  He had trained himself to turn over and go to sleep, but this morning it was Christmas, he did not try to sleep.

Why did he feel so awake tonight?  He slipped back in time, as he did so easily nowadays.  He was fifteen years old and still on his father’s farm.  He love his father.  He had not know it until one day a few days before Christmas, when he had overheard what his father was saying to his mother.


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