Christmas Stories – 25 Days of Christmas – Dec. 8

Gifts for the Poor

by Shirley G. Finlinson

Sister Melbourne was mean and grouchy.  There was no other way to describe her.  Just the other day I heard her telling the bishop that children took too much time in testimony meeting.  She even said that most of us didn’t understand what we were saying; we just wanted attention.  I walked out of the chapel feeling very angry.

My anger didn’t last, however.  It was December and Christmas was in the air.  Excitement filled me right up to the top of my head.  I had to smile and laugh, or I think I would have burst.  We began singing “Jingle Bells” as we rode home from church, just to let some of the excitement out.

After dinner, Mom and Dad called us into the family room.  We all knew what we were going to discuss.  Every year for as long as I could remember, we had chosen a family in our ward who needed some extra help at Christmastime, and we had secretly taken gifts and food to their house.  It was one of our family’s favorite traditions.


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