17 Interview Tips

Another good list of tips. This one for interviews.


  1. Always be about 10 minutes early. It is always a good idea to be on time to show your interest and dependability, but it also gives you a chance to observe the company. You can see how the employees interact and if the environment is one you will enjoy. You may want to look up directions, just in case.
  2. Bring extra copies of your resume to pass out. This is especially a good idea when you have an interview with multiple interviewers.
  3. Dress a step above what the daily dress is in the office. If it is business casual, then dress professionally, etc.
  4. Look professional. Be clean cut and do not display multiple piercing if you can help it. Cover tattoos if you have them. If you have glasses, wear them. They can make you seem more intelligent.
  5. Be clean, but do not bathe in perfume or cologne. It is also a good idea to have a mint before you go into an interview so your breath is fresh, but never chew gum in an interview! It makes you look sloppy, unprofessional, and possibly immature.
  6. Be prepared. It is wise to do your research on the company, what they do, and what the job requirements are. Prepare for any questions you may be asked. This will always impress a potential employer, when they know you have taken the time to know them.
  7. Keep your answers concise and to the point. Make sure you answer their question completely, but do not drone on and on.
  8. Do not solve their problems in the interview; rather explain that you have dealt with those same problems in previous positions.
  9. Do not badmouth a former employer.
  10. Do not discuss salary, benefits, or vacation on a first interview unless the interviewer brings it up.
  11. Do not give personal information such as health problems, marital problems, or marital status, as this is not something the employer needs to know in the interviewing process, and is illegal for them to ask. Giving up too much information can cost you the job.
  12. Have some of your own questions prepared for them. This shows your interest, but also lets the employer know you take the position very seriously, and that you are detail oriented.
  13. Sit up. Do not slouch. Body language can tell an employer a lot. It is a good idea to sit on the edge of the chair and to have a notebook open. This shows the employer that you are engaged in the conversation and eager.
  14. Be enthusiastic and make eye contact, but do not stare! You want to seem interested, but not crazy.
  15. The interview is NEVER over! Conduct yourself professionally from the time you pull into the parking lot to the time you leave the parking lot. Making stupid comments to the receptionist before your interview or to your interviewer after the interview can sink you fast. There are also parking lot cameras! Dont believe an interviewer when they say, The interview is over, or just between you and me.
  16. Be careful of what information you put on myspace or any other public forum. Some employers have been known to look up potential employees on myspace to see what they are really like! Your profile is public info, and can ruin any progress you have made with an employer.
  17. Follow up. It is good to follow up with your interviewer the next day. You can mail a note of thanks, or send an email of appreciation. This shows your interest in the position, and shows you have good manners. Dont pester the poor person!


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