The Auschwitz Album

(Background – I spent 6 months on a semester abroad program with BYU in Jerusalem. Ever since that experience I have very solemn memories of visiting the Holocaust Museum.  It is truly sobering that anyone could do or be a part of this. A very sad chapter in the history of this earth.)

It is unbelievable that one human being could treat other human beings in this manner. This is the only surviving photo album from Auschwitz-Birchenauand contains 6 mins. of heavy history! This Album memorializes the arrival of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz in May of 1944.  It is the only one of its kind, and it is solely due to this album that we have a visual history of what occurred in the Auschwitz-Birchenau death camp.  The album was discovered after the war by an Auschwitz survivor, Lily Jacob, who donated it to Yad Vashem in 1980.  Now, with the aid of the Internet, it can be viewed by millions of people,  anywhere in the world.


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