Grand Canyon from the Stratosphere! A Space Balloon Story

In June 2013, Bryan Chan and his friends attached a 3D-printed chassis housing a GoPro, a Sony camcorder and a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to a weather balloon. They set it free near the Grand Canyon, expecting their AT&T phone to text them its location (using an app) once it lands. According to the story Chan posted on Reddit, that message never came, and it wasn’t until this year when they managed to get their hands on their devices and the photos and videos they captured.

He revealed:

…in a twist of ironic fate, a woman who works at AT&T was on a hike one day and spotted our phone in the barren desert. She brings it to an AT&T store, and they identify my friend’s SIM card. We got the footage and data a few weeks later!

So, here you go: this is the 87-minute journey of two cameras and a phone to the stratosphere, before the balloon popped and they all fell back down to the ground.

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