Christmas Stories – 25 Days of Christmas – Dec. 11

A Different Kind of Christmas

Martha had tried to ignore the approach of Christmas.  She would have kept it almost entirely out of her thoughts if Jed had not come eagerly into the cabin one day, stomping the snow from his cold feet as he said in an excited voice, “Martha, we’re going to have a Christmas tree this year, anyway.  I spotted a cedar on that rise out south of the wheat field, over near the Norton’s place.  It’s a scrubby thing, but it will do since we can’t get a pine.  Maybe Christmas will be a little different here, but it will still be the kind of Christmas we used to have.”

As she shook her head, Martha noticed that Daniel glanced quickly up from the corner where he was playing, patiently tying together some sticks with bits of string left over from the quilt she had tied a few days earlier.  She drew Jed as far away from the boy as possible.

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