Look what we found – and then it later returned (wild hawk)

Several weeks ago we heard a huge crash/thud on a window on the back side of our house.Every once in a while we have heard small birds crash in to our windows, but this sound was uniquely different. Usually the birds that hit the windows are stunned and we find them lying on the ground. Knowing that our cats are on the lookout for an easy meal we know we need to hurry and rescue the birds before they meet an untimely demise. This particular thud was much louder and bigger than the rest. We quickly went to the back door to see what was there. This is what we found lying on the ground.


At first we thought it was dead. But then we noticed it was still alive so we gathered it up in a towel to protect it and us.


After about 15 minutes it had sufficiently recovered so that it could fly away on its own. We were sure that was the last we would see it.  However, several weeks later our neighbor gave us a call to tell us we had a visitor. He had returned!



Evidently his fear of his crash in to our house was overcome by his hunger for food. (We have a bird-feeder in our backyard.) Between small birds that come and an occasional other animal (mole, mouse) that are seen in our yard – it’s a good place to hunt.

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