22 Things Happy People Do Differently

These are from this article: http://successify.net/2012/10/31/22-things-happy-people-do-differently/

1. Don’t hold grudges

2. Treat everyone with kindness

3. See problems as challenges

4. Express gratitude for what they already have

5. Dream big

6. Don’t sweat the small stuff

7. Speak well of others

8. Never make excuses

9. Get absorbed into the present

10. Wake up at the same time every morning

11. Avoid social comparison

12. Choose friends wisely

13. Never seek approval from others

14. Take the time to listen

15. Nurture social relationships

16. Meditate

17. Eat well

18. Exercise

19. Live minimally

20. Tell the truth

21. Establish personal control

22. Accept what cannot be changed

Read the article. It goes into greater depth and detail.

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