Christmas Message From Mother Teresa of Calcutta

From Mother Teresa of Calcutta

At Christmas Christ comes to us like a little child, small and helpless, so much in need of all that love can give. Are we ready to receive Him? Before the birth of Jesus His parents asked for a simple dwelling place, but there was none. If Mary and Joseph were looking for a home for Jesus, would they choose your house and all it holds?

Today there is so much trouble in the world, and I think that much of it begins at home. The world is suffering because there is no peace in the family.

We have so many thousands of broken homes. We must make our homes centers of compassion and forgiveness, and so bring peace.

Make your house, your family, another Nazareth, where love, peace, joy, and unity reign, for love begins at home. You must start there and make your home a center of love. You must be the hope of eternal happiness to your wife, your husband, your child, to your grandfather, your grandmother, to whoever is connected to you.

The home is where the mother is. Once I found a child on the streets. I took him to our children’s home and gave him a bath and some clean clothes, but he ran away. He was found again by somebody else, but he ran away a second time. After we found him, I said to the sisters, “Please follow that child and see where he goes when he runs away.”

When the child ran away a third time they followed him, and there, under a tree, was his mother. She had put stones under a small earthenware vessel and was cooking some food she had found. The sister asked the child, “Why did you run away from the home?” And the child answered, “But this is my home because this is where my mother is.”

That was home. The food that was found was all right because Mother had cooked it. It was Mother who hugged the child, Mother who wanted the child—and the child had his mother. And between a wife and a husband it is the same…

Let us pray that we shall be able to welcome Jesus at Christmas—not in the cold manger of our heart but in a heart full of love and humanity, a heart warm with love for one another.

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