25 Christmas Stories for the 25 Days of Christmas

Please be advised that all the Christmas Stories have been copied/moved to a new site: https://christmasstories.org/   

The links here will continue to work – but the plan is to have Christmasstories.org be the sole location.  

All stories from above in one document: 25 Days of Christmas – Stories

Here is the full collection of dozens of Christmas Stories: https://christmasstories.org

13 thoughts on “25 Christmas Stories for the 25 Days of Christmas”

    1. Thanks so very much for sharing. I was looking for stories to share with our children, family and friends for Christmas and this is just perfect! Appreciate your gift!

  1. Thank you for sharing and posting your favorite 25 Christmas stories—My heart has been greatly touched as I have begun to read them. What a wonderful and unselfish gift to all of us online!

  2. Thank you so much for putting this list and the stories together! It will really bless my family!

  3. Thanks Zenoch for the compilation of fantastic stories about the spirit of Christmas. They are a blessing. Have a Merry Christmas season

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these stories. It will be a great gift for our young women. I was looking for something special.

  5. Just found this and it is wonderful! Thank you! I wish you would add an image. Then I would pin it on Pinterest because I’m sure others would love it too.

  6. I just found this and read it to my granddaughter I will be sharing it with my other grandchildren and family. Thank you

  7. Looking for the Christmas story about a shepherd boy with a hunchback… his mother fixed him his favorite meal but a stranger came and he had to share his meal thinkingto conceal his favorite cake

  8. This is a great collection! Thanks! I was looking for stories to send to our missionary son. These are just perfect! Thank you!!

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