Christmas Stories

Editor – Jan. 1, 2021:  I have moved all of these stories to a different website –

(The old links to the stories on will still work for awhile, but eventually everything will be transitioned to the new website.)

Here is a list of Christmas stories that I have collected (actually my wife did most of the collecting) over the years. I have tried to provide attribution when known.

Also – here is a list of my favorite Christmas stories in the format of the 25 days of Christmas

And – here is my 12 favorite stories for the 12 days of Christmas

I hope you enjoy these. If there are other stories to add – either make a comment below or send them to

26 thoughts on “Christmas Stories”

  1. Thank you for doing this! I think I’ll print them out and put each one in it’s own file folder and then when a student picks one it will be gone from the choices but safe to use again next year! Thank you!!!!

  2. YOU ARE AWESOME! Thanks for posting these stories! I was going to retype the majority of these because the copies I have are so old! What a gem to find them all in one spot. THANK YOU!!

  3. I am looking for a very specific Christmas story that was shared in Relief Society quite a few years ago. I’m hoping maybe you’ve heard of it or might have an idea as to where I could find a copy. It’s about a boy with down syndrome that saves his money to buy his brother, Jimmy, a watch for Christmas.
    I’m desperately trying to find the story for someone that really needs a Christmas miracle this year. 🙂

    Thank you!

  4. I heard a certain story in sac meeting a few years back and I can’t seem to find it. It’s about a young man who worked all year and saved for a rifle, but his father spends the money on a family in need. The young man was upset till he rode with his father to the home of the family in need and gave the children shoes and other gifts. Any ideas of the title or where I can find it would be most appreciated. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  5. Thank you for your time, in regards to The little Red Bucket…is that the complete story from the book as it states to be 128 pages?

    1. Sorry, I don’t. Where I’ve been able to determine the author of any of these stories I’ve tried to provide attribution. If you find out who the author is – let me know.

  6. I love Christmas stories! I have two versions of “A story a day until Christmas” that I have read to my family for years. I was looking for some new stories and found your site. I just read Big Wheel Truck Stop and loved it. Thank you for sharing! Happy Holidays – Stephanie

    1. If you have some stories that I don’t have and would feel comfortable sharing them with me so that I could add them – I would love to have more.

    1. I would copy the text and then paste it into a text editor like Microsoft Word. Then you should be able to print from there. Not sure why WordPress’ print function is not working.

  7. There is a comment a Sister made approximately three years ago with a question about the Down syndrome boy who saved his money to buy a gold watch for his brother Jimmy. Someone replied and said they had the story– I am looking for that same story. Do you– or anyone — have access to that that I could find?

  8. Looking for a story about a shepherd boy who had a hump back… his mother had prepared him his favorite cake but as he began eating a stranger appeared and he was Sharing his meal but was going to save the cake for himself

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