I decided to create this blog to document many of the better things I come across. In addition, I was finding I was forwarding lots of emails to my family and friends so I thought this would be a better method than spamming. What you will see on this blog are things that I find interesting.

About me: I’m a news junkie. I love reading a wide variety of things. I have a special interest on the economy and financial things. I’m from the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy sports. I love good, clean humor – as a result you will see a good amount of humor on here. Politically I most closely align with Republicans – although after the 2008 election cycle I came to realize that I am most influenced by financial conservatism.  I am an active member of the LDS (aka Mormon) church.  Although most of the posts won’t be religious – I will have religious/church-related things on separate pages.

Why did I choose the name Zenoch? Who knows. I could have used my own name which is unique. I was looking for a name that is uncommon so that I wouldn’t have many web conflicts. In the Book of Mormon it talks about two little known prophets from Old Testamant times in the Bible whose names were Zenos and Zenock. So I chose the latter. It wasn’t until later that I realized I mis-spelled the name and used an ‘h’ instead of a ‘k’. (Just to be clear – I certainly do not think I am on any level, any way,  shape or form close to being a prophet. I just like the name.)

Here is the link to my profile on Mormon.org – Link

If you have any suggestions for me – please use the comment box below.

15 responses

  1. At least Paula can be grateful that you kept the unique name for yourself and didn’t bless your girls with it.


  2. All hail Zenoch!

  3. outstanding collection of stories, thanks for putting this together

  4. I love the Christmas stories that have been posted here! Thank you so very much for putting this on the web!!!!

  5. I too am a “mormon” and I love your website. I am really enjoying the 25 days of Christmas stories. I found the article under interesting things written by Heber Q Hale very interesting and moving. Thanks and have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. I wanted to use some of these stories in sacrament meeting however I can not get them to print or even email them to myself. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can make this happen/

    1. Copy and Paste works. I just tried it.

      Highlight all the text. Copy it. Then in Word or some other application – Paste it.

  7. Interestingly, research on the original manuscript of the Book of Mormon suggests that Zenoch really should be spelt with an ‘h.’ However, a scribal error changed it to a ‘z.’

    1. Also – if I were to follow exactly what the BoM has – it would be Zenock or corrected per your comment Henock. Oh well….

    2. No, I meant that the original is spelled with an ‘h’ at the end like you have it.

    3. Oh, Interesting! Good to know.

  8. Still looking for the story about a Down syndrome boy saving his money to buy his brother Jimmy a watch for Christmas

  9. I have a Christmas blog and am constantly looking for stories. this years theme is on service at Christmas time. I was touched by your story, A big Brother’s Gift, and would like to include it in one of this year’s blogs. Will providing a link to your site be sufficient Documentation of the story?

    1. I don’t claim ownership or authorship for any of the stories. These are stories that mostly my wife has found and collected over the years. You can certainly provide a link, but I am not the author and thereby have no authority to give approval for it.

  10. I have a copy of the story you call “Birthday” given by one of the Logan Temple Presidencies’ wives yesterday (December 19, 2018), except it has a few more sentences at the end. Her story was entitled “Anniversary.” She found it in a book her mother gave her last year before passing away.

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